Snapshot #26 The Glee Graduate Club Reception

I love Glee so much it’s amazing! Everyone loves the craft and we all build off of each other’s energies to create something great.
The spring show was definitely a process. I had my doubts coming into hell week given its state. In the end we pulled through miraculously and I think we had an amazing show. I don’t know how we did it but it was amazing.
— Freddy Chang, Newman

Snapshot #25 "Stage Fright"

It didn’t feel like my last Spring Show until the curtain rose for my final tap finale. At that moment, the emotion of it all caught up with me and I teared up a little. I’ve never performed with such energy before.
— Dan Carsello, President

The Penn Glee Club hugs their seniors after Senior Speeches before the Spring Show

Snapshot #15 Vigil for Paris

I think that experiences [like performing at the candlelight vigil for Paris] add some meaning to being a glee clubber...I’m glad that we had a chance to help those who were mourning the brokenness of our world.
— Sam Grisham, Newman

From left to right: Mikey John (newman), Dan Carsello, Shaanon Cohney, Evan Brink (newman), Michael Samuelson, Freddy Chang (newman)

Rehearsing for the vigil...

Snapshot #14 Tech Week

It always come together in the end...
— Grant Shao, Tech Director