Newmen Scavenger Hunt, 2015

Newmen Scavenger Hunt, 2015

Brothers, Sisters, and Persons in Song,

I am thrilled to be your Alumni Liaison for the upcoming academic year! From the moment I got to Penn, PGC has provided me with a strong community, some of my closest friends, and the opportunity to perform some of the most amazing music of my entire musical career! It just shows the power of the Glee Club, and how important it can be for so many of us! 


This year, I hope to increase Alumni Engagement. My biggest goal is to start an alumni mentoring process, where alumni and current clubbers are matched up based on mutual interests, careers, majors, etc. The idea behind the process is to provide clubbers with an alumnus who could provide useful information, contacts, and advice on a variety of different topics. The alumni, in turn, will be able to share their wisdom, stories, and gain a valuable connection with a fellow brother in song! 


As always, my ears are constantly open and ready to listen to anything you have to say! I welcome questions, comments, or concerns about the Glee Club, and want to connect with each and every PGC alumnus. I thank you for your time, patience, and commitment to an organization that we all love. 


In song,

Nick "Macintosh" Hunsicker